Extra Small Warthog

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Extra Small Warthog approximately 10cm in height and handrafted from recyled mild steel. 

Suitable for all year round outdoor use. Each sculpture is coated with a clear coat varnish before they leave us. After the first year, we recommend that you re apply a clear exterior varnish  or use and aerosol lacquer. The lacquer should be applied every 6 months. This will protect your sculpture and help prevent it rusting.

Please be advised that the photos on the website are for illustration purposes. As these pieces are handmade,each piece is unoque so may differ slightly in appearance and colour from the image shown.


Product Note Status Price
Small Warthog Small Warthog
Delivery weight: 1 kg
Medium Warthog Medium Warthog
Large Warthog Large Warthog
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