Blue Tit

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This lovely little Blue tit was made especially for African Creations. After the success of our little robin we decided we would like another addition to our bird family and we all love the blue tit so we didnt have to think too hard about which bird we wanted.

This bright cheery bird is perfect to brighten up your garden or courtyard or to sit in home. Each one is hand crafted and painted, so no 2 pieces are identical.

We spray each one with a clear varnish before they leave us and would recommend that if placed outdoors that they are re coated annually with a clear varnish. You can secure in place with a u nail if placing on a fence or silicone and wire if you wish to secure onto a watering can, spade etc.

Please note that due to all of the sculptures being hand made the one you receive may differ slightly from the picture shown.

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