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Hand crafted in Zimbabwe from recycled mild steel.Perfect for adding some interest and fun to a wall , fence or shed.  Coated with a clear varnish  these metal ants can be left outside all year round. We recommend that they are varnished annually to prevent them from rusting. You may wish to postion these indoors, obviously no need to top up the varnish in this case.  To secure in place the ants have a small metal ring that can be hooked over a nail or srewed into position. They look fabulous in a little line. Also available in a smaller size and if you would like to make a larger display we sell the small size as a set odf 3 at a discounted price.

Available in 2 sizes and as a set of 3 in small size.

Measurements:  L: 12cm  W: 5cm 


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Small ant - SET OF 3 Small ant - SET OF 3
available individually in 2 sizes.
1 piece(s) = £5.00
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