Medium Bat- Folded Wings

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These handmade bats have proven very popular with our customers. Whether you are batty about Bats or just love to have something a little different and unique these are perfect. A wonderful and fun ornament for the home ,garden,summerhouse or mancave 

The bats have curved feet which allow you to hang them easily

If kept outdoors we recommend that you spray periodically with WD40 to protect them and help prevent rusting..

The bats are available in several sizes and styles Please be aware these are handmade they may vary slightly from the image shown. The photo is for illustration purposes only.

H: 33cm  W: 11cm


Product Note Status Price
Medium Tin Bat - open wing Medium Tin Bat - open wing
Delivery weight: 0.8 kg
Medium Fruit Bat Medium Fruit Bat
Delivery weight: 1 kg
Large Bat-Folded wings Large Bat-Folded wings
Large Fruit Bat Large Fruit Bat
Delivery weight: 1 kg
Large Bat - open wing Large Bat - open wing
Small Bat - Folded Wings Small Bat - Folded Wings
Delivery weight: 0.5 kg
Small Bat - Open Wing Small Bat - Open Wing
Delivery weight: 0.8 kg
Small Fruit Bat Small Fruit Bat
Delivery weight: 500 g
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