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What an awful time we are all going through. Hopefully you and your families are staying safe and well. Being a family business we are still able to get into work as and when orders come in, so please be asured if you need us we are still here and ale to get orders to you. We are only having parcels collected rather than taking them to a drop off . The courier companies are doing all they can. We have closed our warehouse to all staff other than Kes and myself and we are not open to members of the public at this current time. We place our parcels outside of the warehouse for colection so that we help the couriers with they social distancing. As far as we are aware there has been no interruption to delivery times, Delivery firms have asked that as little contact is made and have asked for details to be added of safe place to leave parcel so that their drivers do not have to interact with too many people throughout their day. Stay safe and well. We will miss seeing you all at the shows this year. Take care, Kes and Lacey. Travellers Finds Ltd
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