Recycled Tin can Butterfly stick

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Hand made in Zimbabwe from recycled tin cans. The little butterfly sticks add interest to both House plants or outside inpots or border. The butterflies vary a lot in colour, some have colour on from the can they were made from, whilst others are rusted or silver from alluminium cans. If you have a preference, please state this on your order and we will do our best for you. Also if you prefer them unsprayed, please add to your order. We will spray with clear lacquer before your order leaves unless you state that you would like them left untreated. You could also easily paint in your colour choice.

* The images are from stock photos. These products vary in colour and appearance. The sticks you receive will vary in appearance to the photos.

measurements, (approximate)

H: 50 -60cm  Butterfly 7cm 

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