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9th July Hampton Court Flower Show 2012

Hampton Court Flower Show finished yesterday. Kes has been busy with August today breaking down the stand ready to go straight off to Tatton Park tomorrow to start building the stand for next week. We did have rain through the week at Hampton, but I think we were lucky it could have been a lot worse if the weather forecasts had been right. The ground was very boggy but the RHS staff always work so hard preparing for the public and put bark down every morning before the show opens to make sure everyone enjoys their visit to the show as much as possible. Thank you to everyone that visited our stand we always have such lovely comments about the stand and our products and its lovely to see familiar faces from previous years. We also took products from our new company Travellers Finds ( these were also very well received. The metal pieces made from recycled motor parts get a lot of attention and thousands of photographs are taken whenever we take these pieces out and the beautiful Teak wood carvings with elephants are also very popular. They are hand carved from reclaimed irrigation channels and fence posts. African Creations also had some new designs on sale this year, We always tries to get something different each year. We have lots of people that come back every year and add to their collections. Maybe we will see you at Tatton Park next week, lets hope the sun shines for us all ! Thank you all again for your continued support. Kes &, Lacey. ps Sorry that the Travellers Finds website is not yet complete, keep checking back as I will be adding bits all the time and we will have lots of smaller pieces ideal for Birthday/Christmas gifts.

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